MAA 50th Anniversary Drive at over 200 cars!


Eleven months before the big road trip begins, the Mustangs Across America 50th Anniversary drive already has over 200 cars registered to make the cross country journey to the MCA 50th Birthday Celebration at Charlotte, NC.

The epic cross-country road trip which starts in Los Angeles, CA on April 10th, 2014 will include Mustangs of all generations from all over the United States and several foreign countries. The seven day drive will grow larger each day as the Mustangs stampede to the huge once in a life time 50th Anniversary Mustang car show.

“With the Mustang turning 50 years old, excitement is higher than ever”, says MAA event coordinator Sam Haymart. “We had over 600 cars on our 45th Anniversary drive in 2009 and we expect this event could see even more as people want to be a part of the Mustang’s 50th Birthday Celebration”.

The planned road trip takes seven days from the west coast to North Carolina, taking a southern route through Phoenix, AZ, Midland, TX, Dallas, TX, Jackson, MS, and Atlanta, GA. Mustangs Across America is working to plan several daily stops and activities along the drive to make it live up to the reputation of being “The Mustang Drive Of A Lifetime”.

Each day on the planned routes averages approximately 350-375 miles and includes lunch stops and optional tour sidings. Local clubs and organizations help to plan various events and opportunities along the way to make each day special.

Registration opened in February for the MAA 50th Anniversary Drive. The entry fee is $99.99 and includes a full packet of exclusive items including a commemorative coin, printed travel guide outlining the travel routes and schedule, and a number of other goodies.

The MAA 50th Anniversary Drive chose the MCA 50th Birthday Celebration in Charlotte, NC as their premier destination for 2014 as it will likely be the largest and most memorable Mustang show in history. The Mustang Club of America is hosting the MCA 50th Birthday Celebration.